Mobile Apps

Project Info:

For a regional service company, Adaptive Systems provided their fleet with a mobile tablet app that dispatched and navigated them to job sites to perform services, and collected service information to report back to a command center. The mobile app provides embedded turn-by-turn directions, service instructions. It captures job start and completion information, and enables sending and receiving voice phone calls to facilitate team coordination to deliver great customer service, and automatic SMS text messaging for alerts to supervisors when certain events are reported by the mobile service worker. In the command center, Adaptive Systems provided the dashboard to plan the routing logistics for the fleet, track progress, make mid-course corrections and just-in-time changes to sites to be serviced. The dashboard captured the critical service data for review and creation of service tickets for invoicing.
  • Created Using: C# .Net Web API, C# .Net Web App, Native Android App, Enbedded Mapping and Navigation, and SQL Server Database, Azure-hosted solution
  • Completed on: September 2020